Episode 10: Bible John, Scotland’s Unknown Serial Killer (Part 1)

In 1968 and 1969, a series of bizarre murders gripped Glasgow in a state of horror. “Bible John”, the papers called him. The Barrowland Killer. His horrendous crimes would scar the city’s psyche for decades to come.

Artist's impression of Bible John
Bible John (artist’s impression)

In the first of two episodes on this, Scotland’s most infamous cold case, Mike and Martin discuss the mystery of an unsolved murder spree, a serial killer with a bizarre obsession, the curious cultural backdrop on which he operated, and the lives he cut brutally short…

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This episode contains discussion of murder and sexual assault, which some listeners may find distressing.

Samaritans support network (UK): 116 123

Distress &  Lifeline (USA): 1800 273 8255

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